Friday, June 15, 2007

Tribute to Tracy Gaines-Jeffries

We often mention the famous or popular people who pass away, however today, I want to mention someone you may not know. A young lady from Johnstown that I grew up with passed away yesterday (6-14-07). No, she wasn't famous, nor was she tremendously popular, she was just a hard working, intelligent, black female. She went to college, became a Doctor and taught as a professor at a school in NYC. These were great accomplishments period, but especially coming from a small town such as Johnstown and being African-American. She leaves behind her 3 children and a wonderful family (mother, father, brothers and sisters). Tracy will be missed in this world as she did contribute something to it and strived to help people to make it better.

I was proud of Tracy's acccomplishments and proud to have known her. Her sudden death makes me once realize again that life is short and you can't wait to pursue your goals and dreams.